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OK, guys, you know who you are. You stand 5 feet 8 inches tall -- or (gasp!) less -- in your socks or bare feet. When it's time to shop for clothes, it's clear that the U.S. apparel industry gives guys of your stature the short end of the fashion stick. MORE >>>
Big and tall stores seem to be everywhere, but when it comes to styles for the diminutive man, short men get short shrift.... READ MORE >>
Short men can buy clothes off the rack that fit perfectly and look exceptionally well at Napoleonís Tailor. Quality and style for short stature men are all we do at Napoleonís Tailor. Short menís fashions arenít an afterthought or a rack with three outfits in a corner, at Napoleonís Tailor we have tens of thousands of short menís fashions in stock.

The clothes you wear as a shorter man make an indelible impression on business associates, friends, family members and even members of the opposite sex. Short men too often make the mistake of cutting themselves short by accepting department store sized clothing that simply does not fit the short stature man. If you are a short man, Napoleonís Tailor will deliver the best fit you have ever had in clothes, clothing that looks great and feels even better. Chances are as a short man you have never even experienced the luxury of a perfect inseam or the sleek profile of clothes designed for a short mans midsection that make you look and feel like a million bucks!

Napoleon's Tailor IS elegantly tailored fashionable short men's clothing. For the handsome shorter man, 5'8" or under, a great fit and great look is elusive in conventional menís departments. Proudly serving shorter men in the metro Milwaukee market with retail stores catering specifically to the short man and the rest of short American men via the internet Napoleonís Tailor is determined to make short men look fashionable and fittedÖ AND maybe even feel more confident with high quality, en vogue, stylish short menís fashions. Why do short men tolerate the loose fitting saggy crotch look of conventionally sized menís pants? Why would you as a short man accept the spare tire cowl over mid section of conventionally sized sweaters. Why do short men accept the bunched up, rollover of conventional bombers jackets? Napoleonís Tailor fits clothes to shorter men not shorter men to clothes. Get in to one of Napoleonís Tailor retail location in Milwaukee and find out how good you as a short man can look today.

Experience truly fashionable clothing from Napoleonís Tailor that fits your shorter frame and you might just experience a whole new world of opportunity!

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Suits and business casual suits for the short man only at Napoleon's Tailor
Shirts and sweaters that fit without tailoring or bulky tucking
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